The top management of the company declares the integrated policy of the quality as a basic element of the management strategy, promotes its implementation, ensures its correct understanding and adherence to all employees of our company. At the same time, it provides a framework for setting goals. To fulfill the set policy, the management is committed to continuously improving the effectiveness of the integrated quality management system. Top management will provide the resources to fulfill the policy, to ensure and increase the financial strength of the company and will maintain and develop an integrated quality management system in accordance with the principles of ISO 9001.

Relation to company values:
We strive to achieve the stability of the company. We support continuous improvement and increase of efficiency of all processes. We strictly keep to our customer´s requirements and corresponding legislation requirements. We promote a positive internal culture. As a tool for that we use the certified quality system.

Relationship to investors:
We emphasize on ensuring a reasonable profit for our investors.

Relationship to our customers:
We care about our customer's satisfaction. We emphasize long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. We supply products and services of the highest possible quality related to the price and other customer requirements.

Relationship to employees:
We build fair relationships with our employees because we realize that the company's performance and reputation is determined by their quality. We support teamwork, employee participation in the life of the company and constructive dialogue. We cultivate in our employees a sense of responsibility for quality, the environment and the protection of their own health at work. We ensure adequate salaries and professional development of employees.

Relationship to safety and health at work:
Safety and health protection of employees is our top priority. We research workplace risks and minimize them through technical measures, employee training, and the purchase of safer technologies.

Relation to the environment:
We strive to protect the environment. We respect the corresponding laws and regulations, evaluate risks, take appropriate measures and implement energy savings, and lead employees to protect the environment.

Relation to information security:
We ensure that the processed information is sufficiently protected and at the same time accessible to all who should have access to it. We take appropriate measures to eliminate the risk of loss or disclosure of classified data and information.