Steel-grid blasting box - in August 2008 the company has into operation a new steel-grid blasting box
for further improvement of its services. It is a newly built workplace that meets all valid standards und
rules, especially concerning environment protection.

Steel-grid blasting is the most frequently used surface pre-treatment before application of paint or coat.

Steel-grid blasting is at the same time the most effective method how to remove old paints or rust from
a material. It is used mainly for metal products, steel frames, but also other materials.

Steel-grid blasting is being performed in a box with proportions of 9 x 6 x 3,2 m (length x width x height)
by air pressure blasting of abrasive material to a cleaned surface. Steel grid is used as an abrasive


  • steel frames
  • truck and trailer frames
  • parts of vehicles
  • exhaust pipes, discs, flanges
  • switchboards
  • forging products
  • poles, posts, railings, stairs

Maximum dimension of parts - length = 4 000 mm, width = 2 000 mm, height = 1 000 mm